CBD Oil :
Everything You Need to Know About It

“CBD” is the abbreviation of “cannabidiol”. Behind this somewhat barbaric term lies one of the two active substances found in large quantities in the hemp plant (cannabis sativa), the other being “THC”, or “tetrahydrocannabinol”.

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What is CBD? How does it differ from THC?

THC is undoubtedly the cannabinoid best known to the general public. It is the one that is consumed for recreational purposes, because it makes you “high”. It is what we think of when we talk about “cannabis”, without knowing that this term is only a generic qualifier applied to the hemp plant.

CBD is the “sober” counterpart of THC: it has no psychotropic effects, it even attenuates the neurological repercussions of THC and is nonaddictive while having therapeutic properties.

Once extracted from the hemp plant, CBD can be consumed in different forms, CBD oil being one of the most effective. Ingested after being mixed with food or drunk as a cannabis food supplement, or absorbed sublingually, the oil produces faster effects, within 10 minutes.

What are the CBD oil benefits?

The use of hemp and in particular hemp oil in a therapeutic setting is not new.

But the discovery of the composition of cannabis is very recent – as is the exploration of the human body’s endocannabinoid system, a vast network of receptors activated by cannabinoids produced naturally by the body or ingested artificially.

These discoveries date back to the 1960s and 1970s, in particular that of cannabidiol. Since then, studies have multiplied to identify the benefits of this substance, particularly when consumed in the form of CBD oil, in the relief (and sometimes the treatment) of numerous pathologies.


It is attributed a role in the treatment of

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  • Addiction (especially to tobacco and THC) Integer sagittis nisi nec tortor fermentum aliquet. Integer non neque tempor.
  • Nausea Integer sagittis nisi nec tortor fermentum aliquet. Integer non neque tempor.
  • Pain due to chronic diseases Integer sagittis nisi nec tortor fermentum aliquet. Integer non neque tempor.
  • Symptoms caused by neurological diseases Integer sagittis nisi nec tortor fermentum aliquet. Integer non neque tempor.

These are not theories or fantasies maintained by consumers. There are at least two drugs on the market today that are partly composed of cannabidiol: Sativex and Epidiolex.

It is therefore not absurd to think that the testimonies related to the consumption of CBD oil that highlight notable improvements in disorders and health are based, at least in part, on concrete evidence.


What our buyers say

Very good product! For me it was my last hope for my neuropathic pain, neck pain and fibromyalgia. For my migraines I can't give an opinion yet because it's only been a week since I started. In any case, I am reviving and I do not regret having started..

Stefanie Rashford

After two days of use, I was finally getting full nights again. As far as chronic pain is concerned, it takes longer but it is getting better: after one week of CBD, I can already see the difference..

Patric Stone

It gives me a lot of relief from fibromyalgia attacks where my hands are in agony and many other places. If you are wondering, test the product and I think you will like it..

Hugo James

Perfect! 4 days of testing and I have reduced my arthritis and cruralgia medication by 1/2. Magical? It's a real revelation! Thank you for EVERYTHING!.

Cassie Carleton

Is CBD oil legal in Malta?

As in almost every country in the world (if not all), CBD oil and all other CBD products are perfectly legal and freely available on the island of Malta.

It is possible to buy cannabidiol oil in specialized stores or directly online.

If you suffer from any of the conditions mentioned above or if you want to quit smoking weed and are looking for a non-harmful alternative, this is your chance to simply try cannabis oil and CBD in general.

What? You’re not quite convinced to buy CBD yet?

To finish convincing you not to pass up this millennial product, you should know that a 2018 World Health Organization report highlights the fact that CBD oil (or cannabidiol in its various forms) consumption could be promoted for its “neuroprotective (…), anxiolytic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiasthmatic, and even anti-tumor properties.”

The WHO is explicitly in favor of increasing studies on the medical effects and therapeutic benefits of CBD oil.

The institution adds an important point: the fact that the consumption of cannabidiol does not lead to significant abuse or addiction of any kind. “[CBD] does not produce any of the effects typically noted with the use of other cannabinoids like THC” and “has a good safety profile.”


Order at safely on Malta

Throughout the European Union and therefore in Malta, buying CBD is 100% legal when there is less than 0.2% THC in the finished product in any form.

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    Popular questions about our CBD products

    It is a natural oil extracted from hemp. It is rich in cannabinoids. Containing none or very little THC, CBD oil has no psychotropic effect. On the other hand, CBD has many therapeutic properties: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, relaxing, …

    You can find CBD oil on our website. Our oils are derived from European hemp and, in accordance with the regulations, they do not contain THC.

    Always refer to the product’s instructions for use. Dosages may differ from person to person. Always start with low doses (1 to 2 drops per day) then increase if necessary.

    CBD oil is administered orally. After shaking the bottle, put a few drops under the tongue or on a piece of bread.

    Under normal conditions of use, no side effects have been reported.

    Protected from light and heat, CBD oil can be stored between 6 months and 1 year after opening.

    Judging by the many positive testimonials, CBD oil is effective. Recent studies attest to its multiple properties, usefulness and effectiveness. A lot of research is still going on. For now, CBD oil seems to keep its promises.